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 Marc Ferrero was born in 1963, to an Argentine  Italian father and a French mother.The work of Marc Ferrero and the movement of Storytelling Art continues to intrigue because it has features that are not found anywhere else: The fictional stories that take us around the world and refer to all kinds of cultures, of invented characters, true mirrors of the collective aspirations of our time.
A forgotten  mixture of all kinds of graphics on the same plane that change the space-time notions of pictorial field. A game between narrative carvings and varying plans that allow each Work of Art to be the pretext for an extraordinary adventure.
Living with Marc Ferrero  Art offers  compelling stories to your walls and enlarge the spaces following in the footsteps of Lisa L'aventura, Spencer Percival Duke and Cello Cordoba on an adventure that is called:
"Once upon a time the Comitive ".