Rue du Vieux Billard 7, 1205 Genève


   S&FArt Gallery is the culmination of several years of work, investment and passion on the part of its two co-creators.Coming from the fields of elite sport and business respectively, Fouad and Sylvain initially shared
a keen interest in contemporary art and later became collectors before embarking on their project to share their passion.
They began to exhibit their collection in a private home.Thus it is that Fouad & Sylvain welcome you to
7 Rue du Vieux Billard, in the heart of the Bains neighbourhood - the nerve centre of Geneva's contemporary art scene.
Their main aim is for you to enjoy a pleasant visit in a welcoming environment and to share in their discoveries.
                ... STORYTELLINGAND NEW HORIZONS…  S&FArt Gallery is interested in two worlds.The first is Storytelling, created by French artist Marc Ferrero, which places the works in a narrative context in which the viewer becomes a part of a fictional world, a reflection of our contemporary reality.Sylvain & Fouad hope to draw you in to this world and fully immerse you in the story.Their other approach is helping you to discover new horizons. Fouad and Sylvain's curiosity and multicultural origins have allowed them to discover artists from around the world, and they would like to share their work with you.